TEDxCairo EQUILIBRIUM Competition: The Artist, The Thinker & The Initiator

Tonight, we are giving you a chance to attend TEDxCairo 14!

Introducing, the TEDxCairo EQUILIBRIUM Competition: The Artist, The Thinker & The Initiator.

We are calling the artists, thinkers or initiators in you! If you believe you are any of the three, apply for one of the following competitions:

The Artist: For the visually creative, the performers and the musicians. If you have a talent in photography, videography, performance or music, share with us your most remarkable piece of work to artist@tedxcairo.com

The Thinker: For the logically intelligent, the opinionated and the visionary, we want to hear your thoughts on the following question: In the year 2020, how do you see the state of social media and its level of impact? Send us your thoughts on thinker@tedxcairo.com

The Initiator: For the proactive, the energetic and the doer. If you have initiated a project which had an impact or a unique idea, we want to know more about it. Send us a short description of what the project is and a documentation of the steps you took to achieve it to initiator@tedxcairo.com

Once you share with us your submissions, you may get a chance to attend TEDxCairo EQUILIBRIUM! Please make sure to include your name, email and phone number to make it easier for us to get in touch with you.

TEDxCairo 2014 Registration Process Explained

The application to attend TEDxCairo 2014 is about to open. In the case that you’re not acquainted with our registration process or have any questions, please read below for clarification.

What do I do if I want to attend TEDxCairo?

You apply. Before the conferences, we release an application form that everyone who wishes to attend should fill in. The applications are filtered and all applicants receive a response before the conference.

What happens after I submit the application?

You will receive an email by the notification deadline notifying you of the result of your application; whether it has been accepted or not.

If my application is accepted but I can no longer make it, what do I do?

In the acceptance email there is a confirmation form that you fill in with an RSVP of yes or no.

If my application is not accepted, can I apply again?

No, you can’t. Every individual gets one chance per conference to apply. You can apply for the next conference, though.

Can I submit more than one application?

No. Duplicate applications will lead to automatic disqualification.

Why application?

1. Let’s do the math

We have an online community of almost 91,000 people. Consequently thousands of people would like to attend the TEDxCairo conference.

Our venue capacity is up to 1,500.

2. The audience is central to the experience

So why not do it on a first-come-first serve basis if it’s a numbers issue? Because it’s not just about quantity, but - more importantly - quality.

TEDxCairo’s community is wonderfully diverse; it’s that diversity that drives all the vibrant conversation on all sorts of topics within the community. We need that diversity to be accurately reflected in the live audience. When you attend TEDxCairo, you don’t just watch the talks; you also share a common experience with the leading thinkers and doers from the TEDxCairo community.

So how do you decide who the “leading thinkers and doers are”?

Through the questions in the application. Every question is especially designed so that the overall response to the application provides the most accurate profile possible – on paper – of the applicant.

Is that why the questions are difficult?

Yes, it is. They’re meant primarily to be expressive

So how can I submit a “good” application?

The criteria is rather complex. But if there’s one piece of good advice we can give you, it’s to take your time and plan. The application will be open for at least a couple of weeks. That gives you ample time to check the questions, plan your answers, revise them and then submit them. No need to rush.

I’m not great with words, what should I do?

Have no fear! Based on all your feedback, we have provided an alternative this year. You can submit a personal (up to 90 seconds) video answering several questions that give us a better idea about you. Hopefully, this will allow you to better express yourself.

Do you have an idea worth spreading? Are you truly passionate about your idea? Now is your chance to deliver it to the world! Apply now to speak at our TEDxCairo 2014 conference! Application deadline is 21 December 2013. 

The number 7 is a very special number for TEDxCairo! We’ve reached 70,000 fans on Facebook and broken the 70 mark for number of speakers and ideas featured on the TEDxCairo stage.

So we celebrated with our community!

Every day for 7 days at 7 PM, 1 TEDxCairo talk was shared and the community interaction was closely monitored. The winner of the best comment is winning an exclusive ticket to our coming TEDxCairo Lounge!

Thank you all for your support for TEDxCairo and your belief in the power of ideas.

The TEDxCairo Team. 

I would like to ask if i can join TEDxCairo ? — Asked by Anonymous

Sorry but no vacancies are currently open. Please follow us for announcements of vacancies to apply to. Thanks,

I need to join the ream, could you please tell me how. Thanks Mohamed Ashry, — Asked by Anonymous

Sorry but no vacancies are currently open. Please follow us for announcements of vacancies to apply to. Thanks,

إزاي اقدم ؟ مفيش أي رقم اقدر ارصلكم بيه — Asked by Anonymous

ممكن تتواصل معانا على pr@tedxcairo.com. شكرا!

how can my faculty host a TEDxCairo event ? — Asked by Anonymous

Please check TED.com for licensing information. Thanks,

how can i share my ideas with you ? — Asked by ahmedelshiewy

To apply to speak, please stay tuned to the release of our speakers application for our coming conference. If your application is accepted, we will get in touch with you. Thanks,

Dears i want to join tedx ? how can i b a part from this organization ? m how can i participate ? — Asked by Anonymous

Thanks for your interest! We currently have no vacancies but please stay tuned for announcements of vacancies to apply to.